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Simple yet scrumptious, chunky freshly cracked peppercorns, for the beef lovers.


Beef (Made with 250g of beef per 100g of beef jerky), Sea Salt, Black Pepper

No need to refrigerate. Once open eat within 3 days.


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Nutritional Inforamtion

ENERGY kCal 141
-kJ 597
FAT <0.5g
Of which saturates <0.5g
Of which sugars 1.25G
SALT 1.4g

7 reviews for SALT & PEPPER

  1. Salma Hamid

    Delicious! This is my fave flavour but I really like the other ones too. Fresh and tasty and gives me the savoury kick I need when I’m out and about.

  2. Jamaal Khan

    Perfect blend of salt and pepper. Right amount of spice for a savoury snack
    Keep it Primal!

  3. Uniqbruva

    What can i say at first i was hesitant about this flavour. First try I found the pepper overpowering & too plain but i got a given a second chance to try it again. This time the pepper and salt ratio was perfect. Pepper adds a slight kick

  4. Sham

    I took these as an alternative to ready salted crisps…delicious protein hit! Premium quality

  5. Hamza (verified owner)

    Game changer. The jerky is fab. Purchased after a review from the Halal Food Travel Guy and it didnt disappoint! Order some more

  6. Sofiya (verified owner)

    Such a simple flavour that hits so many taste buds! This flavour has to be my favourite hands down!

  7. Sabena (verified owner)

    Perfect keto snack. Leave just the right ‘heat’ on the tongue. I’ve just ordered six more packs based on eating my first. I have been looking for a good keto hiking & travel snack. I think I’ve just found it. No chemical nasties (nitrates) or sugar/dextrose in this jerky. Fab stuff.

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